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Mother of Millions
Mother of Millions
Mother of Millions
Mother of Millions
Mother of Millions
Mother of Millions
Mother of Millions
Mother of Millions
Mother of Millions

Mother of Millions


Mother of Millions - akaKalanchoe daigremontiana

This succulent symbolizes positive reproduction and fertility. The plant grows quickly, and produces thousands of plantlets in its lifetime.

Product Details:

  • Each plant is unique - they grow as they will, flaunting their distinct personality in every leaf.
  • Arrives in a 4" compostable grow pot. No plastic nonsense here, we're all about sustainability here.
  • 4-6 inches tall. 
  • Thrives indoors or outdoors (no frost though!)

Care Instructions: 

1. Lighting Vibes: Your Mother of Millions is all about that natural light. Place it near a sunny window where it can soak up those rays. If you're keeping it indoors, consider rotating it occasionally to ensure all sides get their fair share of sunlight for that perfect 360-degree glow-up.

2. Water Wisely: Don't drown your Mother of Millions; they're not about that soggy life. Give it a good drink when the top inch of soil feels dry, but remember, they like to keep it chill. Overwatering is a major no-no, and they'll let you know with droopy leaves if you mess up.

3. Stay Cool: Keep the room temperature comfortably cool, just like your favorite coffee shop. These plants are chill millennials, and they prefer temps in the range of 60-80°F (15-26°C). Avoid extreme temperature swings, just like you avoid drama in your life.

4. Fertilizer Love: Your plant may need some millennial-approved plant food during the growing season (spring and summer). Feed it once a month, and it'll reward you with those lush green vibes.

5. Repot with Purpose: If your Mother of Millions starts feeling cramped in its current pot, it's time for a #GlowUp. Repot it into a slightly larger container with fresh, well-draining soil to keep it thriving.

6. Mind the Babies: This plant is all about self-love and propagating itself. It'll produce little baby plants at the ends of its leaves. You can leave them to grow for a cool, quirky look or propagate them to make more plant babies.

7. TLC Talk: We love a good chat, and your plant does too. Regularly check for pests, dust those leaves, and give your Mother of Millions some encouraging words – they might just grow a little faster with that positive energy!

Remember, your Mother of Millions is as unique as you are. Keep an eye on it, and it'll thrive in your millennial-inspired space, radiating those good vibes.



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